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etjannicke.oset@- More What's App phishing scammers. webupdate@- Claims there's problems with your NEtflix account. But you'll have problems with your bank account if you fool for this crook. officei524@& westernnion2000@- Another Loser criminal named MRS. missfeliciajames@- Mrs Iyora Banneth says she has cancer and wants to give you 14.2 million dollars. suzan.marie011@- Another scammer using a stock chart to try to convince you to give them money. Nyunt@and lilianebett76@- Lilliane Bettencourt made a donation to you. fedsrs@liftr54ai - Fake fortune scam claims to be US Soldier in Syria. fwgda@- Another Fed Ex scam that want you to click on their bad links. g_peter021@- Want to split 11 million dollars fifty/fifty. fernandosg@cat - They claim to be from the Shougang Group Co., china.

He is a banker by profession from Burkina-Faso in West Africa. xsammyx402288671@rsdu.- Patrick Allen is trying to get you to click on a link that will most likely infect your computer with malware. Godzilla isn't the only monster that comes from there. Wants to give you money from the country of Benin but they want a PROCUREMENT FEE of USD199.00 from Moneygram and or Western Union. mackezea@- PRomises you money from a deceased relative. santbusca@ar - Claims to be from Bank of England and has money for you. London, United Kingdom wants to split 16 million dollars with you. Wants you to download a picture that will infect your computer.

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They want you to click on their fake link to steal your information. If she really wanted to be giving, she'd throw herself off a bridge. officefile1979@jp - Central Bank of Benin with Japanese domain name wants to know why you haven't received their funds. fieldreportn@- Phishing scam claims missed google messages. mrs.susan.k.miller500@- Has attachment with virus wants to know if she can trust. mr.usma_abdul@- More executives from the so called Bank of Africa with money for you. These are phone numbers listed in scam 1 2 and 234-(807) 733-2275 oddy.emefiel@& cenbanknigeriacbn@- Scammer claims the Central Bank of Nigeria has funds for you.,, dull.pclvh@- More Gmail phishing scammers.

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